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The Cursed Silk Dress Balloons 32.078098° -81.082878°

It was back in 1862 in a pre-dawn light when Savannah gas plant supervisor James Smedberg braced himself against the wall of a brick well to shut off… as he called it… an “intolerable gas flow” and found his hand resting on the still lifeless face of a man suspended on the side of the…

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Yankee in the Garden 32.078098° -81.082878° E-9

Hey, everyone! Did you hear that? Somebody said, “The Yankees are coming!” Actually, we hear that all the time here in Savannah, Georgia. Today it would mean they were coming down for a few days of vacation… But back in 1864, it didn’t mean they were stopping in town to catch dinner at Sweet Potatoes…

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DON’T TAX ME BRO!  32.078098° -81.082878° E-8

Today we’re going to talk about two historical events that were separated by 100 yards but were a decade apart in history. The first incident in 1766 was over a little paper stamp.

People got really riled up over this little stamp.

So why get aflutter about a small piece of paper… it only cost…

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The Hurricane that Broke Savannah E-7

Savannah and South Georgia, back in 1881, they had a really bad day.

A devil of a hurricane…

The carnage started several miles south of the city where at the sportsman’s club on Wolf Island, the home of the club’s caretaker, Mr. Stokes, was ripped from the foundation and pushed into the river. Floodwaters crashed…

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One Duel. One Died. One Didn’t – E-6

Now, you’re going to find that this location is in the middle of a grassy park on the east side of town. But it is an important spot, and here’s the story behind it.

The President was a guy named Archibald Bulloch, a member of the Continental Congress and a veteran of the fight for…

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He Slept on a Grave E-2

Why would a young man… an educated and intelligent young man… hike 700 miles, walk into a strange cemetery where he had never been and knew no one buried there… then unknowingly lie down on an important grave and go to sleep? t was John Muir, who was a naturalist and a conservationist and is remembered as one of the…

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Savannah’s First Partier E-3

–JD Byous– –Books– –Shop–  32.081360° -81.092032° Season 1, Episode 3 Other coordinates listed are at the end of the page. Hey, everyone! What a great day for a podcast! I don’t know if you know, but Savannah, Georgia, where this podcast… is based… is known for being a bit of a party town. If you’ve…

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Pirate bootie sacked E-4

Today we’re going to talk about pirates.

And I’m not talkin’ the AAAARRRGGG, me hearty kind of pirates.

Okay, you ask, where did it happen?

So, you wanna know where they hung out? Listen up!

Well, it happened in Savannah, Georgia, when Savannahians had had enough of the things that pirates do… and they ended up in…

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