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Jim Byous

You can find JD “Jim” Byous on his podcast, History By GPS, on most podcast platforms, including Amazon, Spotify, Apple, and others, An award-winning photojournalist JD Byous earned his Bachelor of Arts in journalism/photojournalism from California’s San Jose State University. In the newspaper and magazine field, Byous has worked as a photographer, writer, illustrator, and graphics editor in California and Georgia since 1975. He was a consulting historian for Charles H. Morris’ $35 million, Trustees’ Garden renovation project for seven years. There he researched the history and recorded daily findings in pictures and words. He and his Georgia-born wife, Rebecca Harrison Byous, moved to Savannah, Georgia, in 1993, where in 2003, one week before his third grandchild was born, Jim earned a Master of Arts in history (archaeology) from Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia.

His writing, photography, and illustrations have been published in Time Magazine, Der Spiegel, Paris Match, LA Times, Louisville Courier-Journal, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Savannah Morning News, Georgia Backroads, and other outlets around the globe. His scientific papers are studied worldwide since publishing the first comprehensive glossary and comparative analyses of the physicalities of Hertzian cones in glass and rock in 2013.

Contact him at 912-656-6539 or email at

HistoryByGPS @ gmail.com

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