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Hey, Everyone!

What a great day for a podcast!

This is JD Byous.  Welcome to History by GPS, where you travel through history and culture GPS location by GPS location.

For season one, there is a debut date of February 14th, 2023…

don’t you just love it?…

In that season we’ll be focusing on the history in and around Savannah, Georgia USA… There,,, is…a lot of history here.

Then… occasionally we’ll venture out to other areas across America, and sometimes we’ll tell the connections of those events to the Hostess City of the South just to illustrate how our nation is interconnected and interdependent.

For instance… We all know that in 1773, Boston, Massachusetts had a tea party… but did you know that Savannah had its own party… a sugar party.

And the Savannah guy who instigated it was nonother than the brother-in-law of Bostonian and Tea Party aficionado, Samuel Adam.

Never thought about it… but maybe that’s why we like sweet tea down here in the South.

Anyway, that event happened two hundred years before\ but only a few blocks away from a site where a captured German submarine was docked at the end of World War Two. 

And that sub was at the same site where in 1811, American sailors and Savannah citizens fought a battle against heavily armed French pirates.

Now, for the main locations that we talk about, I’ll read the GPS coordinates. and for other spots mentioned on the show, I’ll include those in our show notes and at

That way you can look up the locations on your favorite map app… or if you’re really hardcore… on a map… then follow the story and see the spots where history happened so you can visit them later.

So… how about a road trip?

Tune in, and we’ll talk about these events and many more…

When you, follow the stories of the past, on History… By GPS… See you soon.


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